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Prop Shield

Tub of Prop Shield Propeller antifoul grease

Prop Shield Propeller Antifoul

Available in 175g and 375g tubs

Propshield is a marine propeller antifoul coating for the private and commercial boat owner alike. It is a lanolin based antifouling grease and can be used to prevent and limit both barnacle growth and electrolysis. It is compatible with all types of stern gear and various materials from bronze propellers to painted surfaces found on outboard legs.

Benefits of Prop Shield:

  • Eradicates Barnacle attraction. 

During our research we have been amazed at the effects of minimising the growth of barnacles. In many cases the barnacles are completely eradicated and even in the most foul of waters only a few barnacles are able to stay attached to propellers.

  • Stops / significantly reduces the effect of electrolysis

Propshield forms a barrier between the propeller surface and the water so insulates the metal or painted surface. If you have suffered from electrolysis (green deposits on bronze blades) then you will notice that this either completely disappears or is at the very least minimised in extreme cases.

  • Saves Fuel due to cleaner propellers

You will save a significant amount of fuel if your props are clean. Slow speeds, strained engines, damaged bearings, delayed shipments, missed arrival dates, etc are just a few of the results of barnacle and hard growth encrusted propellers. Considering the cost of fuel this represents fantastic savings compared to the relatively low cost of the product itself.​

  • Maintains speed of vessel

Using Propshield maintains the optimum speed of your vessel as the hydrodynamics of the propeller blades are maintained. Any fouling on your props means you will lose speed or use more fuel maintaining the same speed.​

  • Easy to apply

Quick and simple two coat application with a powerful bonding process. Suitable for DIY application.​

  • Stops corrosion on outdrive legs (can be applied over paint)

On smaller vessels corrosion on outdrive legs can be devastating and can ruin aluminium castings in a few months so an application of Propshield will prevent this damage. 

  • Will not dissolve in water, up to 18 month active lifespan

Propshield will gradually degenerate but it takes a considerable amount of time before it becomes ineffective, in some instances up to 18 months.

  • Penetrates metal up to a tenth of a millimetre

Propshield penetrates the surface of the metal so forming an invisible barrier which remains active and deters barnacle attraction and hard growth.

  • Can be applied to all types of stern gear

This product is specifically aimed at propeller application however it is suitable for all types of stern gear from props to P and A brackets and from painted outdrive legs to rudders as well as shafts, trim tabs etc.

  • Compatible with stainless steel, bronze, aluminium etc

This product can be used on any metal surface, it can even be used on painted surfaces and even some composite surfaces (please contact us to find out what composite materials are compatible with Propshield).

  • Renewable resources

Propshield Propeller Antifouling is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Propshield is not based on oil or any other hydrocarbon like many other products are. (See best practice notes in the instruction guidelines included with your purchase)

Coverage Guide:

175g Mini-Tub - Treats one 28" propeller or up to five 16" propellers for up to 12 months 

375 g tub - Treats one 32" propeller or up to five 20" propellers for up to 12 months 

Single screw craft & smaller vessels - will have enough Propshield for two or more seasons representing fantastic value for money!

What you get for your money

  • One tub (175 g or 375 g) of Propshield Antifouling Grease.

  • A very detailed instruction sheet with a step by step guide to application, reapplication and coverage.

  • A pair of latex gloves.

  • Free postage Australia wide.


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