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Plan view of closed Clamp-On Prop Protector with black background 60 mm shaft 116 mm diameter blade
  • Clamp on Prop Protector suits 60 mm shaft - 116 mm diameter Blade

    SKU: COM011



    Supplied as an assembly that is split into two halves along the longitudinal axis so that it can be installed on the shaft without removing the propeller. The width is 22mm (0.87"). A gap of 32mm (1.26") is sufficient; this includes 10mm (0.39") of space for water to circulate to the shaft bearing. It is clamped onto the shaft by two Allen screws and is also fixed by a set screw that locates into a small drill dimple made in the shaft.

    Manufactured and fitted as the Clamp-On Standard and Clamp-On Medium, the width is the same, the only difference is the blade diameter that is 116mm (4.57") This type is available for shafts of 2 1/4" & 2 1/2" dia and 55mm & 60 mm dia.

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