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Plan view of closed Clamp-On Prop Protector with black background 45 mm shaft - 150 mm diameter Blade
  • Clamp on Prop Protector suits 45 mm shaft - 150 mm diameter Blade

    SKU: COM012



    For vessels that are built with large struts or stern bearings. They are fitted in the same way as other Clamp-On units and have a width of 30mm (1.18"). A gap of 42mm (1.65") is sufficient; this includes 12mm (0.47") of space for water to circulate to the shaft bearing.

    Cutters in the range 65mm (2 3/4") to 100mm (4") are for use on large vessels such as trawlers, fishing boats, harbour patrol boats, luxury yachts and cruisers. These cutters have a width of 33mm (1.3").

    Please Note: Not all cutters in this range are held in stock. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery

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